Adibet Predictions 

How do I receive the tips?

We send the tips by e-mail,Whatsapp,Telegram or Viber.

Do you have long term membership, 2 months, 3 months .etc?

Yes, we do. We can give you better deals if you are interested in buying minimum 2 months of our tips. Contact us for more offers.

What are some terms and conditions of fixed matches?

-The payment is made full and before the match.
-Fixed matches cannot be given for trial/confidence.

What happens to a chance in any lose?

If something very RARE happens and it loses, next one is completly free.
Will you ask for more after I do the payment?
No.Nothing more, nothing less than the price of the service.
What is the difference between fixed matches and subscription?
Subscription matches are analysed matches with 90% win chance.
Fixed matches are 100% sure tips.
When is the next fixed match?
The next date will be posted right when the proofs of last match are posted.
Can fixed matches make a person a multi millionaire?
If you cooperate with us long-term, yes.
What are the aims and desires of fixed matches sellers?
We just need investors to buy fixed matches from our source and we give the investors the match too. Our aim is to profit and making betting a secure experience. Not just pure luck.
How does a game become fixed and how does it win with all fans watching a real game?
The club managers make a secret deal and players agree to it. Everybody gets it's own fair share. The match might look like normal but, the players know to fix a match, they are professional players at the end of the day, adibet predictions.
Can a premier league game be fixed or any big game like uefa?
No, big leagues cannot be fixed, because the players win a lot and they are not interested. The fixed matches happen in second or third leagues or friendly matches.
What makes a fixed match to lose and what do u do to safeguard from these incidents?
When the club managers do not find a common language or they get caught and the match is canceled. We replace for free on these cases.
Are the betting sites aware of fixed matches?
Yes, that is why some sites block playes betting on some leagues. Because they know something phishy my happen. These incidents happen very rarely and if they happen, the match is replaced for free.
Do you scam people?
No, nodoby would agree to make a video testimony for us if we did.
How much do u buy a fixed game?
We cannot inform the public about the exact amount but, the price is very high, hundred thousands of dollars.
Adibet Predictions 
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  • As a team in betting community worldwide, we are dedicated to provide you correct, valid and profitable information. Our purpose is only your maximum profit through professional betting based on strategy and particular gainful methods.

     Reason #1

    - We're passionate about soccer tips and soccer statistics. They are our life. We are spending hours every day meticulously going through each game, examining every possible circumstance surrounding the games, injury players, playing condition, historical trends, and a mountain of other vital statistics trying to determine the result of the game.

     Reason #2

    - We exchange info with top football tips analysts. We take part from the restricted forums, were the normal guy can't take part. We have partners in countries like: Greece, Italy, Spain, Norway, Bulgaria, Brazil, Portugal and many more. We often exchange information with top analysts around the world. We help them, they help us.

     Reason #3

    - We are here 16 Hours out of 24, EVERY DAY. As long as we're not eating or going to the bathroom, just about every waking minute of our days is spent into the soccer database.

     Reason #4

    - We have zero tolerance for mediocrity. This is what separates US from any other soccer predictions analysts out there. When clients come to us, they know what they are buying!

     Reason #5

    - Please take the time to check out our past statistics. Earn hundreds or thousands, it is entirely up to you. Get daily premium guaranteed betting tips now and within few hours you can earn money with sports betting.

    • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Western union, Skrill, Neteller, MoneyGram,  Paysafecard.

    • How do I receive the tips? By sms text or email?

    We send the tips  by email or WhatsApp. I don't like to have delivery problems with all the phone carriers worldwide.

    • Do you have long term membership, 2 months, 3 months .etc?

    Yes we have. We can give you better deals if you are interested in buying minimum 2 months of my tips. Contact me for better rates!

    • Can I request for free trial tips?

    To ensure all my paying members are treated with respect, i do not provide any free trial tips under any circumstances. 99% of those who request for free trial tips do not have the intentions to purchase tips. So i rather take good care of those who appreciate my services!

    • Are your tips history genuine?

    If you do not trust me, or do not think my tips history are genuine, please look for another tipster. No amount of explanation will satisfy your curiosity. Make the final decision yourself!

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